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The Project Perfect White Paper Collection has been put together from our own resources, and some of our customers. We hope you find it useful. Project Perfect express no opinion regarding the accuracy of the information, or take responsibility for any conclusions drawn from reading the white papers. We would however like to hear your feedback. NOTE: The number of times viewed is not indicative of the popularity. It also depends on how long the paper has been available on our site. A new paper is added every 2 to 3 weeks

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Scope Management
White Paper on defining the scope of a project Defining the Scope of a Project
A number of techniques to assist you define the scope of an IT Project. Number of ratings - 1426
White Paper on change management in projects Change Management in Projects
Change Management and dealing with changes is a key project management function for any industry. There might be enormous variance in efforts, cost, schedule, quality of deliverables if changes are not handled effectively. Many projects are delayed and many other are terminated because project managers were not able to manage changes. Number of ratings - 9
White Paper on schedule slippage and the root causes The Root Causes of Schedule Slippage
With global and competitive market, it is very important to launch a product or service in the market on time and ahead of competitors. A timely launch definitely depends on on-time-completion of the product development projects. Project planning has lots of challenges to overcome in order to finish the project on time. This article talks about some of the challenges often faced in the Software Product Development industry that cause schedule slippage. Number of ratings - 31
White Paper on Scope Management Managing Scope
Managing scope is one of the most challenging tasks a Project Manager will face. This white paper covers some of the things you must anticipate and address as a Project Manager. Number of ratings - 21
White Paper on defining the scope of a project Scope Tips
One of the most popular white papers we prepared is on how to set the scope of a project. Since then, I have been asked on a number of occasions to provide some more tips and techniques for estimating scope. This white paper on scope definition will pull together a number of tips and traps around the topic of defining the scope. Number of ratings - 58
White Paper on Scope Creep Management Scope Creep Management
Learn how to manage the inevitable (and even natural) scope creep on a project. Number of ratings - 33
White Paper on Managing Changes to Estimates Managing Changes to Estimates
How do you cater for the unknown in project. This White Paper talks about why there will always be "unknowns" and gives you strategies to deal with them. Number of ratings - 43
Time Management    
Using Timebox technique in Projects Timeboxing
Timeboxing is a somewhat overlooked technique in project management. It has been around for decades and seems to go through periods of being fashionable, then unfashionable. This white paper on timeboxing explains what it is, when to use timeboxing, and how to run a timebox. Number of ratings - 16
Managing Uncertainty in Project Planning Managing Uncertainty in Project Planning
Uncertainty in project planning is widely recognized in many industries and a wide variety of different tools exists to help optimise the planning process and minimize the associated risks. Read more on the topic of managing uncertainty in projects. Number of ratings - 35
White Paper on Reducing Time Spent on Requirements Reducing Time Spent on Requirements
A review of the time spent gathering requirements, techniques available to reduce the time, and some innovative thoughts. Number of ratings - 15
Resource Management
White paper on managing the project team The New Face of the Project Team Member
Today's successful project management teams must add value to the business they support. They must be able to offer solutions supporting their company's strategy, in addition to developing Gantt charts. Project members who acquire and practice four key skills can become meaningful contributors to their project team and their company.
Number of ratings - 16
White paper on motivating a project team Project Performance Management - Part 1
Getting a project team, or any team to perform at their most effective is a difficult task. This first part of a two part white paper talks about the myths and reality of developing a top performing project team. Number of ratings - 9
White paper on motivating a project team Project Performance Management - Part 2
In the second part of our white paper on team performance, we focus on setting up a performance management system, and reaping the benefits. Number of ratings - 3
White paper on managing a project team Managing a Project Team
There have been hundreds of articles written about managing project teams. Many cover the same ground. Unfortunately, many also fail to differentiate between line management and project team management. They expect the same rules that apply to a staff member in a line role apply to a person on a project team. This article discusses the unique needs of a project team member and offers some suggestions as to how a team may be man aged.. Number of ratings - 94
White paper on motivating a project team Motivating a Project Team
We all know that a motivated team will achieve more than an unmotivated team. The difficulty is creating a motivated team. This white paper talks about some of the factors behind the art of motivation. First Published May 2007. Number of ratings - 43
White paper on resource management and communication Resource Management and Communication
This article by Sandeep Mehta takes a subjective look and provides practical understanding of Human Resource Management. First published September 2006. Number of ratings - 24
White Paper on getting business to engage in a project Getting 'Buy-in' from the Business
One of the most difficult parts of a project is to get buy-in from the business – in particular the Sponsor. This white paper explores a few techniques that can assist with the process. It also covers the engagement of business resources in a project and how that can be improved by a little bit of thought and planning. First published September 2006. Number of ratings - 15
White Paper on the areas of expertise for a Project Manager Areas of Expertise for a Project Manager
Most Project Managers do not realize that they are lacking knowledge of what good Project Management involves and why it is so important. This article talks about the skills a Project Manager needs to have. First published July 2007. Number of ratings - 25
White Paper on managing offshore projects using an agile methodology - Part 1 Offshore projects using Agile Methodology - Part 1
The topic is managing offshore projects using an agile methodology. There is enough learning in that topic to fill several articles. This is a two part white paper by Thavaranjan Thavendran which passes on some of his experiences in the area. First published August 2005. Number of ratings - 23
White Paper on managing offshore projects using an agile methodology - Part 1 Offshore projects using Agile Methodology - Part 2
Part two of this white paper concludes the author's experiences in managing offshore projects using an agile methodology. Number of ratings - 12
White Paper on IT recruitment - Part 1 of 3 IT Recruitment - Part 1
Organizations must always have successful recruiting and hiring strategies in place to stay ahead of the game. This is the first of a three part series by Addicam Sanjay that explores the recruitment and retention of employees in the IT Industry . First published June 2006. Number of ratings - 12
White Paper on IT recruitment - Part 1 of 3 IT Recruitment - Part 2
Part two of our three part series concentrates on retention of staff. First published July 2006. Number of ratings - 14
White Paper on IT recruitment - Part 1 of 3 IT Recruitment - Part 3
Part three focuses on reducing turnover in your project or IT department. First published July 2006. Number of ratings - 7
White Paper on social architecture Managing the Sponsor
Have you had trouble managing a Sponsor? This white paper gives a few tips and tricks to help you manage the Sponsor to be a supportive and contributing part of the team. Number of ratings - 24
White Paper on social architecture Social Architecture
An extensive article that looks at the role of people in software development. Number of ratings - 17
White Paper on gaining key stakeholder support Key Stakeholder Support
If the key stakeholders in a project are not supportive, you are in trouble from day one. This white paper provides a technique for mapping the importance and supportiveness of project participants. Number of ratings - 17
White Paper on hiring project team members Hiring Project Team members
Hiring project employees is a difficult task. Look at why the customer should not come first. Number of ratings - 15
White Paper on Resourcing a project team Resourcing a Project Team
When it comes to resourcing a project, you rarely have the luxury of selecting the ideal people. So how do you manage the situation? This white paper gives some guidelines for dealing with the reality of project resources. Number of ratings - 98
White Paper on customer relations with the business Customer Relations with the Business
The five top things that business have difficulty with when looking at a project. Gives advice as to how to have a better relationship with the Sponsor. Number of ratings - 17
Effective People Management in Global IT Projects Effective People Management in Global IT Projects
In this white paper we examine some of the human elements of projects and look at how different projects require a different approach to the people involved. Number of ratings - 10
White Paper on Power Developer Squads Power Developer Squads
Power Developer Squads is a concept based around using developers in an innovative team environment. It provides a way of sharing workloads while developing team skills. Number of ratings - 27
Cost Management
Cost of internal resources to a project Cost of Internal Resources
The issue of whether internal resources should be costed in projects has been around since projects began. If a person is seconded from their normal role, either part time or full time to a project, should their costs be borne by the project or should they be treated as a free resource. Number of ratings - 13
Creative Project Accounting Creative Project Accounting
It might be tedious to manage the finances of a project but there is room for a bit of creative thinking. This white paper puts forward a few ideas to stir up some creative juices as to how you might manage the money. Number of ratings - 28
Setting up a Project Budget and managing project Expenditure
Setting up a project budget can be a daunting task. Project Financial Software may assist but setting up a project chart of accounts is critical. Learn about project financial systems and see a sample set of project accounts. Number of ratings - 149
Risk Management
White Paper on a Framework for Project Risk Assessment Selling Risk Management
There are many ways to approach a risk assessment. The approach can range from a random brain storming of risks to a highly structured list of risk areas. This white paper looks at something in between. How to use a series of prompts to find risks. Number of ratings - 13
Risk Management Training Video Risk Management Training Video
We were asked to produce a training video for the Australian Computer Society (ACS). We have made it available on our web site. The video runs about 30 minutes. There is a PowerPoint presentation to complement the training. Click here to download.
PowerPoint presentation on Risk Management Risk Management PowerPoint Presentation
If you have to explain risk management to a group of people, this excellent PowerPoint presentation can help. Either run the presentation on risk as it is or modify it to suit your organisation.
White Paper on Risk Maturity An Alternate View on Risk Assessment
There are lots of articles and white papers on risk management on the web. This white paper on risk takes a different perspective. It looks at risk in three dimensions.
  • Corporate Risk Maturity
  • Project Riskiness
  • Project Risks.
It will make your view of risk management more complete, by providing a context to assess the organisation's attitude to risk. Number of ratings - 13
White Paper on Enterprise Risk Management Selling Risk Management
We sometimes forget that project related activities such as risk management can be seen as a low key part of the project by some business people. This article will gMive you some ammunition to address that situation if you are having trouble selling risk management to your colleagues. Number of ratings - 11
White Paper on Enterprise Risk Management Risk Management on Enterprise Architecture and System Integration   
One of our visitors has written a white paper on managing risk in the enterprise environment.  Eric Tse covers both risk during the development lifecycle, and risk when an application is operational.  This is a really well researched article that gives a good background on managing risk in the enterprise. Number of ratings - 7
White Paper on Basic Risk Management Basic Risk Management   
A guide to creating a basic risk management plan. Simple guide for doing your plan. Number of ratings - 988
Project Assumptions Project Assumptions
How do you manage assumptions in projects? Read about project assumptions, what they mean, and how to rate them. Find out the relationship between assumptions and risks. Number of ratings - 147
Quality Management
White Paper on addressing the cause of defects Addressing the cause of Defect Occurrence
Recent software development models show how the testing activities relate to the development activities. This paper describes the 7 "S" of defect occurrence. Results of a case study are analysed before and after implementation of 7 "S" for an improvement in defect detection. Number of ratings - 20
White Paper on improving the effectiveness of project estimation Project Estimation Effectiveness
The three pillars for the success of any project are cost, effort and quality. The foundation of these pillars is based on estimation technique used for the project. However, historically it has been observed that lots of projects experience cost, effort and schedule overrun or poor quality. In most of cases, the project end up taking alternate paths to fulfil the budget constraint and ends up delivering an inadequate product/application/service. In this paper we will look at what could be the possible factors affecting the foundation (i.e. estimation) of any project. Number of ratings - 40
White Paper on improving software quality Improving Software Quality
To manage quality in a project, you need to identify defects during the earlier stages of the project. During the course of time you improve based on quantitative measurements that are discussed below and the end product is robust and reliable. Number of ratings - 30
White Paper on casual analysis as a QA technique Casual Analysis
Causal Analysis is a Quality Control tool that, if used effectively, can provide drastic improvements. It is approach is an effective tool for Quality Control and is used in many Software Development and Services engagements. Number of ratings - 32
White Paper on designing quality into your project Quality by Design
There are countless philosophies regarding Quality Assurance and how to achieve ‘Zero Defects’ in a manufacturing or production environment. Less effort has been expended in defining the quality requirements for a software development environment. While quality standards have been developed for the more traditional environments and industries, corporate Information Services Departments lag behind. Number of rating - 13
White Paper on developing a Quality Culture Quality Culture
Building a quality culture is not an easy task. This white paper talks about how to establish a quality culture in an organisation. and how to sustain a focus on quality - 102
White Paper on Project Quality Management Project Quality Plan
How many projects have a quality plan? Look at a simple pragmatic way to put together a quality plan for your project. Number of ratings - 530
White Paper on CMM Quality - A Health Capsule (CMM)
How use of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) can improve software quality. Number of ratings - 315
White Paper on Function Points - An Overview Function Points - An Overview
A short article on the history, application and use of Function Points. Number of ratings - 46
White Paper on Project Metrics Measuring Project Health
There is a simple way to answer the question "How is the project going?" This White Paper proposes an approach based on a series of traffic lights to display current project status. Number of ratings - 464
White Paper on Quality Index Developing a Quality Index
We can’t measure quality of a product that is performing well today, but can go down tomorrow because of changes in customer needs. Thus we define Quality Index (QI), which is a measure of quality. Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical things when it comes to quality of the application. Based on the QI, one can measure customer satisfaction. Easy for management to digest one number and drill down, if required. The QI trend provides continuous feedback, which is required for control. It is easy to monitor when the process is going out-of-control. . Number of ratings - 18
Communication Mgmt.
White Paper on Project Communication Management Project Management Public Relations
There is a strong element of selling in Project Management. Project management is usually about change and change almost always strikes resistance. The Project Manager has to sell the change, and prepare those who will be impacted to accept the change. A good Project Manager will always be asking "How can I use this activity to sell the project? What should I be doing to prepare people for the change?" This white paper sets out to explore some public relations strategies. Number of ratings - 3
White Paper on Project Communication Management Effective Communication Management
A failure to communicate is often the greatest threat to the success of information technology projects. All of these factors depend on having good communication skills. This white paper will highlight key aspects of effective communication and the communication process.
Number of ratings - 56
White Paper on Project Management 2: Project Management 2:
The old models of how people interact and collaborate have been radically transformed in recent times. People are using blogs, wikis and collaborative planning tools to work together. All these applications represent a significant opportunity for organizations to create new social and Web-based collaboration and increase productivity. Project management is undergoing significant changes due to the introduction of the new technologies for managing project teams. Number of ratings - 18
Communication Planning and Change Management Change Management - a Case Study
The management of change is an important discipline in today’s ever changing business environment. Change is never easy, and managing it in a large corporate environment is even more challenging. This article is based on a research report that was conducted in 2004 and deals with the management of change in a large South African banking institution. - 42
Communication Planning and Change Management Communication Planning & Change Management
This is a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded. It was presented to the Australian Computer Society in August 05 covering how to set up a Communication Plan, and detailing an approach to change management. It is approximately 80 slides.
White Paper on setting up a communications plan Communications Plan
What are the essential things to consider when developing a communications plan, and how do you go about creating one for your project. Number of ratings - 569
Procurement Mgmt
White Paper on Project Negotiation Project Negotiation
Projects are full of negotiation. Sometimes it is around what you will deliver. Sometimes it is around getting people to work on the project. Sometimes it is around cost or time. A project manager has to be a negotiator. This white paper will touch on a few things to consider next time you get into a negotiation. Number of ratings - 33
Business Requirements Software Project Differentiators
Understand how to go about differentiating between organisations that may provide project services to you. Number of ratings - 9
Generic Project Management
Project Management Disaster Project Management to start a small business
This article introduces how business starters can use project management to start up their small businesses. Number of ratings - 9
Project Management Disaster Global Project Management
This white paper examines the unique challenges confronted by project leaders and their dispersed teams and stakeholders, and the strategy required to effectively drive projects to success. Number of ratings - 3
Project Management Disaster Deconstructing a One billion dollar Disaster
When Lord Norman Foster & Partners designed the Harmon Hotel as a non-gaming boutique, spa center, and upscale resort at CityCenter Las Vegas, the company did not predict that the project would be cut in half…literally. Number of ratings - 8
Hypocrisy in Project Management Hypocrisy in Project Management
Project management can be like travelling in a parallel universe. What you are told and what you see are totally different. Read how to filter out the BS and drive the project in the direction you want it to go. Number of ratings - 9
Process Driven PPM Process Driven PPM
A sound Project and Portfolio Management strategy is needed to consolidate all of the business processes that drive the business. This is especially true with New Product Development projects that impact all facets of the businesses they serve.
Number of ratings - 3
Strategies for Project Success Strategies for successful project management
The following are 8 strategies that can make your project more successful and provide additional benefits. Number of ratings - 5
Project Managing a New Boat Project Managing a New Boat
We might use project management in our business lives but what about our personal lives? This is the tale of buying and restoring a boat using project management techniques. Number of ratings - 19
Dynamics of Project Management Dynamics of Project Management
This white paper suggests project management methods and practices can move from a static, unidirectional framework, to a dynamics, multidirectional framework. We focus on how project role dynamics and process dynamics can benefit a modern complicated project environment. Although some of the dynamic practices are well known informally, the whole framework can be improved by introducing them to the formal project management methodology literature. Besides role and process Project Management dynamics, there can be other dynamics topics that are worthwhile to investigate and get introduced in future Project Management models. Number of ratings - 13
Project Management 2.0. The next wave of project management. Project Management 2.0
The old models of how people interact and collaborate have been radically transformed in recent times. People are using blogs, wikis and collaborative planning tools to work together. All these applications represent a significant opportunity for organizations to create new social and Web-based collaboration and increase productivity. Project management is undergoing significant changes due to the introduction of the new technologies for managing project teams. Number of ratings - 18
Making decisions in projects Making decisions in projects
Any Project Manager, who has completed even a few projects, will understand the difficulty in getting people to make decisions. Making decisions in a project is potentially one of the most difficult challenges you face. It is often the reason projects run over budget and behind schedule. Decisions are made too late to enable the project to meet its deadlines. This white paper will assist you mange decision making in projects, and give you some tips to help you get decisions made. Number of ratings - 9
Introduction to Project Management Presentation Project Management Introduction Presentation
Ever had to give a presentation to people who knew nothing about project management? Usually you start from scratch to build a Power Point slide slow. Avneet Mathur - one of our regulars - had the same problem. He has been kind enough to provide the presentation to anyone for download. This will save you hours of reinventing the wheel. You can even add your own flavour as it is shipped as a PPT file. Thanks Avneet.
Business Requirements Software Project Management Predictions
What is Project Management going to look like in five or ten years? What trends will emerge and how can you get in front of the pack - for both your organisation and yourself? Read our view of the future of Project Management. Number of ratings - 6
Business Requirements Software Simple Explanation of Project Management
Ever need to explain what Project Management is all about in 10 words or less? This might exceed 10 words but it is a simple explanation of what a Project Manager is responsible for. It can be used for people thrust into a PM role without any experience, or to give to a Sponsor who has little idea what a Project Manager is there for. Number of ratings - 40
To create a Microsoft Project Schedule or not To create a Project Schedule or not?
Should you develop a Microsoft Project schedule for every project – no matter how big or small – and how should you use it? I have heard the topic discussed by both experienced and inexperienced project managers and there is no overwhelming consensus. This article attempts to explore project schedules and make some suggestions as to where and how they should be used. Number of ratings - 11
Business Requirements Software Comparing Building and IT Projects
It is often hard to understand why IT projects can be so difficult. People in the Engineering/Construction project management area are shocked at how over time, and over budget IT projects can become. Perhaps it is time to compare a construction project and an IT project to understand why they are different. Number of ratings - 26
Running a Supply Chain Project Why IT Projects Fail
Why do IT Projects fail? This well researched article by Taimour Al Neimat explores some of the reasons, and what can be done to avoid failure - 87
White Paper on Effective Project Management Effective Project Management
What are the things that make up effective Project Management? In this white paper contributed by Sandeep Mehta. Sandeep is with Case Consulting Group in Mumbai and outlines some of his experiences in this article. Number of ratings - 195
Running a Supply Chain Project Running a Supply Chain project
Running a supply chain project has it's own unique problems however most are just a variation on other Project Management problems. See what an expert has to say about running such a project. Number of ratings - 8
White Paper on ERP Implementation - Some Traps ERP Implementation - Some Traps
Some comments from people who have implemented an ERP system. Outlines the lessons they learned along the way. Number of ratings - 550
Governance, Metrics, Planning & Tracking
White Paper on using analytics for project performance management Project Performance Management
A solid PPM strategy understands the power of analytics and how it can be leveraged to not only track project progress, but more importantly track project performance. Number of ratings - 3
Case Study for Portfolio Management Case Study in Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management should be a 'no brainer' to sell to an organisation. Unfortunately it is not that easy. This white paper will take you through a case study of how Portfolio Management was presented within one organisation. Number of ratings - 11
Legal concepts in Project Management Legal concepts in contract and Project Mgmt
This white paper gives an overview of legal concepts every project manager should understand. It is written in plain English by a non legal person so is easy to understand. It may not make you a lawyer but will allow you to get to grips with how the law interacts with project management. Number of ratings - 21
Improving the accuracy of function point counting Improving the accuracy of function point counting
Function point counting is becoming more popular. This white paper by an experienced function point counter gives some tips for those less experienced in function point counting. Number of ratings - 45
System models and simulation System Models and Simulation
Understanding how a system really works is the first step towards using, improving, automating or explaining it to others. This paper shows how to model dynamic systems, run time simulations and present the system behaviour with charts, graphs and tables. It provides example models for population growth, bank balance, demographics, production and water management. Number of ratings - 7
Stoplights in Microsoft Project Stoplights in Microsoft Project
Ever wondered how to use project monitoring tools as pro-active aids instead of reactive reporting tools? Project stoplights can provide an easy guide to taking pro-active action on tasks or milestones with potential delay within a one, two or three week window to the future. Number of ratings - 1
Helping business managers evaluate an IT project Helping Business Mgrs Evaluate Potential Projects
As a Business Manager, are you confused when faced with a new IT Project? This article sets out six questions you should ask before a project is started. Number of ratings - 51
Helping business managers evaluate an IT project Helping Business Mgrs Evaluate Existing Projects
This is the second of our articles to help a Senior Business Manager evaluate an existing project and gain a degree of comfort that there are no surprises. Number of ratings - 4
Basics of using Microsoft Project Basics of Microsoft Project
It is surprising how many Microsoft Project schedules defy the basic rules. This article takes you through all the fundamentals of setting up a project schedule. Number of ratings - 70
White Paper on IT and Project Governance IT & Project Governance
Applying governance to an IT department, or within a project. Has a technique for creating governance models. Number of ratings - 379
Project Governance Project Governance
With the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley, and the fairly recent corporate scandals, governance is considered risk management. Govern your organization before the authorities decide to govern it for you. Number of ratings - 51
White Paper on Project Status Report Project Status Reports
A guide to what should and should not be in a project status report. Gives an example of a typical weekly project status report. Number of ratings - 54
White Paper on Microsoft Project Reporting Microsoft Project Reporting
Reporting from Microsoft Project using Microsoft Access. Write your own reports for Project. Download a free Access database that will show you how you can tailor reports to suit your project. Number of ratings - 159
Project Software Methodology and Process
White Paper on Asta PowerProject project management software Asta PowerProject
A review of Asta PowerProject, Project Management Software. Number of ratings - 6
White paper on Agile Development Agile Development
In this paper, I will be discussing the new role project managers and their team members play when applying Agile methodology to their software development projects. Number of ratings - 4
White paper on a new product development project selection New Product Development Project Selection
Effectively managing the people and the tasks responsible for pushing a project along the road to success requires a balanced approach. This balance between product viability and available resources can only be delivered through an all inclusive project and portfolio management framework. Number of ratings - 4
White paper on a new business process methodology called ABBER Business Process Methodology - ABBER
This article will explain a newer approach to implementing a Business Process Management (BPM) solution. The normal waterfall approach and agile methodology do not directly suit implementing a cutting edge BPM solution. It is very important to understand, why BPM has a need to follow a separate SDLC. Number of ratings - 4
White paper on a new business process methodology called ABBER. Calculate benefits and ROI Business Process Methodology - ABBER - Benefits and ROI
This white paper follows on from the pervious and talks about how you can calculate the benefits and return on investment from the ABBER methodology. Number of ratings - 4
White paper on the theory of constraints in projects Theory of Constraints. Gaining better Project Control.
How many times have we found ourselves in a situation where-in the project members wait till the very last minute to initiate a task and typically complete it burning the midnight oil? How many times have we asked ourselves the question – why can’t I have a better control over the project? Controlling projects is a nightmare. The bigger they get, the more chaos and uncertainty creeps into them. But this can be managed and controlled using a management methodology called Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and its tool such as Pro*Chain. Number of ratings - 10
White Paper on the level of discipline to apply in a project Level of discipline in a project
This white paper looks out how rigorously a project methodology or projct process should be followed in a project. Number of ratings - 6
White Paper on a design for hybrid agile adoption Design for Hybrid Agile Adoption
Design for Hybrid Agile Adoption (DH2A), is a framework defined to successfully execute agile projects in a distributed and out-sourced environment. Number of ratings - 4
White Paper on Implementing a Project Infrastructure Implementing a Project Infrastructure
Putting in place a project infrastructure is a major change for an organisation. There needs to be away of communicating simply where the exercise is taking you, and what are the pieces of the jigsaw. Without that, interest and support will quickly wane. This white paper discusses a real life example of implementing a project infrastructure and how it used a single picture to communicate the parts of the project. Number of ratings - 17
White Paper on Project Infrastructure Project Infrastructure
Project Infrastructure refers to the organisational structure, processes, tools, techniques and training an organisation puts in place to make projects more successful. It is a holistic view of how an organisation supports its projects. Number of ratings - 30
White Paper on implementing a project management methodology Implementing a Methodology
Some lessons from implementing a project management methodology. Covers templates versus process, project management methodology and applications development methodology. Number of ratings - 472
White Paper on The Project Advocate. A New Concept The Project Advocate. A New Concept.
Projects will only progress smoothly through an organisation if someone who knows the local processes and procedures is on hand to guide them. This is the concept of a Project Advocate. Number of ratings - 34
  Project Management Methodology, templates and case studies  
Program Mgmt and Project Office  
White Paper on PMO External Affairs Strategy PMO External Affairs Strategy
This paper discusses the external affairs of Project Management Offices instead of focusing on the internals. Most of the obstacles to establishing a PMO are beyond the CIO and PMO Manager's control. There are external factors within the enterprise that will hinder progress of a PMO implementation. Number of ratings - 11
White Paper on Setting up a Project Office Setting up a Project Office   
Guidelines for setting up a Project Office. Includes a checklist to help you determine the mandate for a Project Office. Number of ratings - 140
White Paper on project portfolio management (PPM) Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
What is Project Portfolio Management? What are the underlying concepts, and what benefits does it deliver. Number of ratings - 304
Business Requirements Software IT Portfolio Management Model
IT Portfolio Management is one of the latest trends in Business Intelligence industry. The goal of this white paper is to present a conceptual IT Portfolio management model. Number of ratings - 36
Project Review    
Rescuing a project in crisis Readiness Assessments
Deciding if you are ready to start a project, or ready to go live is often a matter of juggling dozens of criteria in your head. Is this done? Is that complete? It is better to have a list of criteria to check off so that you know what you are trying to achieve, and can work towards that goal. Number of ratings - 34
Rescuing a project in crisis Rescuing a project in Crisis - Part 1
This is the first of two white papers. It talks about what a rescue mission will entail and the sort of person to lead the review and/or rescue. Number of ratings - 40
Rescuing a project in crisis Rescuing a project in Crisis - Part 2


This is the second article in a series about managing a project in crisis. It covers how to carry out a project health check to establish exactly what is happening in a project that may be in difficulty. It also provides a useful checklist of what to look for in a normal project health check or project review. Number of ratings - 32
Carrying out a project health check Rescuing a project in Crisis - Part 3
The third and final paper in the series covers what you actually do when you review a project in crisis. It outlines a generic approach and gives some guidance to assist in sorting out the problems. Number of ratings - 27
PIR - Project Implementation Review The Value of Lessons Learned
Sharing experiences from projects so that mistakes don't happen twice is common sense, but rarely undertaken. Find out the experiences of one project manager as to how he shares the lessons learned. Number of ratings - 113
White Paper on automation systems project management Automation Systems Project Management Pt 1
This paper tries to investigate project management knowledge expansion to a vertical industry - automation systems. This is part one of the white paper. Number of ratings - 6
White Paper on automation systems project management Automation Systems Project Management Pt 2
This paper tries to investigate project management knowledge expansion to a vertical industry - automation systems. This is part one of the white paper. Number of ratings - 6
White Paper on managing project documentsManaging project documents
Project documentation management is a balance between ensuring all information is written down, and not swamping everyone with too much information. This paper talks about how to manage project documentation and gives some tips to improve your control of documents. Number of ratings - 11
White Paper on making processes work for Maintenance and Support Making Processes work in Maintenance & Support
This paper investigates some of the unique characteristics of the software application maintenance & support function. It attempts to capture the important aspects that need to be considered when planning to implement processes or process systems in an IS/IT organization. Number of ratings - 10
White Paper on carrying out analysis Carrying out Analysis in Business - Part 1
Carrying out analysis is very often a random information gathering process for many organisations. On the other hand there are a number of techniques that fit particular circumstances. Some examples are Use Cases, decomposition techniques and business process. This first of two white papers provides a generic approach to analysis. In this paper we cover collection of information. In the second part we cover analysis and the development of options. Number of ratings - 9
White Paper on carrying out analysis Carrying out Analysis in Business - Part 2
Part two of the two part series on analysis. Number of ratings - 3
White Paper on new trends in project management New Trends in Project Management
Eric Tse is a regular contributor. In this white paper he looks at some of the emerging trends in the project management world. This well researched article points to a number of new concepts, and provides references for further project management research. Number of ratings - 20
White Paper on project multitasking Project Multitasking
We all seem to be doing more in a shorter space of time. Some would call this multitasking, but is it effective? Time magazine did an article on multitasking and we have taken their findings and applied them to project multitasking. Number of ratings - 11
White Paper on fashion in projectsFashion in Projects
Projects typically start with a flourish. Everyone is excited. Six months down the track, a few people are still motivated but the majority have moved on to the next fashionable project. This white paper examines why interest wanes, and what you can do as a Project Manager to keep people focused and interested in your project. Number of ratings - 4
White Paper on Project Interviewing TechniquesProject Interviewing Techniques
Our white paper on project interviewing techniques will give you some useful tips when inevitably you have to interview someone. It might be an interview in a PIR, requirements gathering, understanding issues or employing resources. There are techniques and you need to improve your interview skills to succeed as a project manager. Number of ratings - 3
White Paper on Effective Beta TestingEffective Beta Program
An effective Beta program can provide you with valuable information, such as whether your product is truly ready to ship, what features should be in the next release and how satisfied customers will or won't be with the product. If done right, it can also set you up for critical launch and marketing deliverables that will add credibility to your story as you bring the product to market. Number of ratings - 5
White Paper on technology change management Technology Change Management
This article takes an objective look at Technology Change Management (TCM). It covers a number of topics such as what do we mean by TCM, how companies carry out TCM within their IT systems and how their investment can bring a high Return on Investment (ROI) and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Number of ratings - 16
White Paper on operational change control Service Delivery Management
This paper presents a view on service management and what constitutes a Service Delivery role. Well structured and succinct it provides a map of the core requirements. Number of ratings - 171
White Paper on operational change control Operational Change Control
A comprehensive white paper on what is involved in operational change control. Number of ratings - 148
White Paper on softwar knowledge management Software Knowledge Management
What is knowledge management and how does it apply to software development. Number of ratings - 83
White Paper on Data Warehouse Decision Making Data Warehouse Decision Making
Keeping the focus on decision making when building a data warehouse. List of questions to ask key users. Number of ratings - 17
White Paper on Data Warehouse Decision Making Project Folder Structure
One of the less glamorous parts of project management is setting up a project file structure or project folder structure. Not too important until six months down the track when you try to find something. A Google search turned up next to nothing on this topic so we decided to put our thoughts to paper - 102
White paper on Brainstorming Techniques Brainstorming Techniques
Every Project Manager needs to be inventive. There are times when brainstorming is essential to move a project forward. This white paper provides a number of techniques to assist idea creation. Number of ratings - 5
Project Initiation & Business Case
White Paper on how to initiate a project and when it actually should start When does a Project Start?
Many projects seem to float into existence. Ask yourself when your project started? Can you honestly answer? There may be a date on a schedule somewhere but that only reflects when the planning hit the paper. So how do you give birth to a project? Number of ratings - 25
White Paper on why you need a project manager Why do I need a Project Manager
Ever been asked by a business person why you need a project manager. This White Paper provides the answer. Number of ratings - 60
White Paper on Starting a Project Starting a project
How do you go about starting a project? If a project is not initiated correctly, it is bound to struggle. Find out some of the things you need to do when setting up a project. Number of ratings - 364
White Paper on Project Charter, Business Case and Phase Plans Project Documentation  
The typical information to include in a Business Case, Project Charter or Phase Plan. Number of ratings - 77
White Paper on Vision, Business Problem, Objectives and all that stuff Vision, Business Problem, Outcome, Objectives & all that stuff....
An outline of creating the project context before starting. It covers why we define the vision, outcome, objectives, stakeholders etc. and gives an example. Number of ratings - 58
White Paper on an alternative approach to a business case Alternative to a Business Case
Do you always need a business case? Does a business case stifle creativity in IT? Read about another way to look at justification for an IT project. Number of ratings - 52
White Paper on market research in projects Market Research in Projects
Market research is used in the consumer world to identify the pros and cons of new products. Why is it not used more in IT for new projects? Number of ratings - 19
Benefit Identification Benefit Identification
Identifying benefits for a project is usually more of a black art than developing the solution. In order to identify benefits, a somewhat different approach needs to be undertaken. This white paper will cover some aspects of benefit identification and realisation. Number of ratings - 41
Business Requirements Software"Method H" ™. A new technique for Business Analysis
"Method H" ™ is a new and simple technique for business analysis. Business Analysts can use it to improve communication with users and get requirements in a clear, comprehensive format. Number of ratings - 223
Introduction to data normalisation Introduction to Data Normalisation
This white paper describes what data normalisation is all about and why users need to understand the subject. It also covers how to create a logical data model. Number of ratings - 14
A technique of problem evaluation TOPE. A technique for problem evaluation.
When it comes to requirement gathering for development of software system, a lot of software writers and analysts follow the age-old processes wherein the needs of the customers are given priority. TOPE is based on the fact that needs arise because of problems. This process tips conventional approaches upside down. Number of ratings - 6
Business driven IT How to enable Business driven IT
Business driven IT is the goal of most organisations. The implementation is often more difficult than expected. This white paper covers a number of examples explaining how it can be achieved. Number of ratings - 15
Business Requirements Software Requirements Mgmt and Stakeholders
Although requirements may be thoroughly documented, sometimes the solution is not considered a success. The product delivered at the end may not result in the solution the customer has in mind. Find out how to manage both requirements and stakeholders. Number of ratings - 34
Requirements Traceability Requirements Traceability
Keeping track of changing requirements is often forgotten. It is only when something goes wrong and the wrong specs are used that traceability becomes an issue. Learn how to manage requirements and why it is important to have traceability. Number of ratings - 129
Business Process Modelling Overview Business Process Modeling Overview
Ever wondered what business process modeling was all about, and how it fitted with IT development? Read this article for an overview of the subject including some examples. Number of ratings - 20
White Paper on The role of a Facilitator in JAD The role of a Facilitator in JAD
JAD or any other Workshop approach will function far more smoothly if there is a facilitator. This paper outlines what the facilitator should contribute. Number of ratings - 68
Software Selection & Purchase
Package Software Purchase Process Software Purchase Process
How do you manage a software purchase project? This white paper gives you a process for package software purchase that will keep your organisation focused, and provide a path to follow that you, rather than the vendor, drive. Number of ratings - 28
Contract Bidding and Technology Evaluation Contract Bidding and Technology Evaluation
Eric Tse is a regular contributor. In this white paper he looks at the management perspective of different project proposal evaluation methodologies in the procurement processes. Number of ratings - 12
White Paper on Buying Software Buying Software - Vendor Tricks   
Some of the tricks and techniques used by less then trustworthy software vendors. Some traps to be aware of when buying software. Number of ratings - 55
White Paper on software pricing options Software Pricing
An attempt to list all the different types of pricing that a vendor can come up with when you are buying ERP or any sort of software. Number of ratings - 35
Development & Testing
White Paper on developing a test strategy Developing a test strategy
Some guidelines on how to develop a test strategy and why it is important to put a strategy in place before developing the plan. Number of ratings - 258
White Paper on developing a test strategy Developing a test Plan
Once the strategy is in place, it is time to develop the plan. This gives you some guidance on how to create a test plan. Number of ratings - 183
White Paper on Build and Smoke Testing Build & Smoke Testing
A case study of a development technique to build and test software on a weekly basis.
Agile Programming Agile Management and Development
If you have heard about agile programming but never had the time to study it, this gives a good overview. Number of ratings - 56
White Paper on Rapid Applications Development Totally RAD Dude
How do you manage expectations in a Rapid Applications Development (RAD) project? Number of ratings - 49
Business Requirements Software Lean Project Development
By using Lean Production/Manufacturing principles not only quality concerns and other issues can be resolved, but also a continuous improvement cycle can be built in to the process. Number of ratings - 20

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