Finalise Implementation Activities List

Update the Implementation Activities List to include recently discovered activities.
  • Existing Implementations Activity List
    1. Discuss the list with all parties involved.
    2. Complete the list.
  • Final Implementation Activities List

The extent of this activity will be determined by how much time has passed since the list was updated during Configuration and Customisation. In larger projects this can be weeks and in that time other factors emerged that will need to be added. The project is usually in a volatile state at this time. Up to now, it was focused on bringing together a solution that could be used with the business. As the business is rarely in a static state, we now need to ensure the implementation will align with current - and near future - business conditions.

Some examples may be:

  • The extent and timing of training to fit with other business priorities such as conferences or leave
  • The people to be trained due to resignations and recruitment
  • Change of roles by particular individuals
  • Customer changes that will impact the implementation
  • Lead time for advice to suppliers

At a minimum, assuming it is only a matter of days since the last update, the list should be reviewed by key players to look for any additional activities. If new players are involved in the project during implementation, they should also be given an opportunity to contribute.

Implementation Checklist Checklist of activities for an implementation

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