Handover to Production

Pass ownership of the application to production support
  • Handover Plan
  • Handover List
    1. Move control to Production Support.
  • System under the control of Production Support

Before the actions do occur, Production Support should ensure the criteria set to handover have been met. Sign off should be from the senior manager(s) in Production Support. There should be a thorough review of the material and status of the project and only then should the handover proceed.

Various actions may need to occur however they should be documented in the Handover Plan. The handover may entail handing various items to different people to manage. These may include software, infrastructure, training documentation, maintenance and support, service desk, specifications and system documentation, security, batch processing, licensing, maintenance contracts and financial responsibility.

The work of the Project Team is now complete. All that remains is to close down the project and undertake a PIR (Project Implementation Review). Many of the team will now disperse and only a core remain.


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