Handover Phase

Ensure the implementation reaches a level of stability and pass control over to production.
Plan Phase Hold Kick Off Meeting Resolve Immediate Problems List Outstanding Work
Update Handover Documents Agree Handover Date Brief Production Handover to Production
Produce Handover Report Plan for Project Closure Project Closure Gate    
Ongoing Project Management
  • Solution in production
  • Handover Plan
  • Application handed over to Production Support
Whilst there is not much work required in this phase, there may be considerable elapsed time from when the program goes into production, and the point at which it is considered stable enough to hand over to Production Support. The criteria should have been clearly established with Production Support prior to go live. It is important that work carried out early in the phase is updated at the handover point. For example a list of work outstanding should reflect the work outstanding at the time of handover.
  • Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Business Managers
  • Production Support Staff

If the solution is to immediately be passed over to the Production Support team, this phase may be rolled into the implementation phase. Look at the activities related to handover and build any necessary activities into the implementation plan.

Often, handover is a piecemeal activity and Production Support end up managing a bunch of problems so they will appreciate development of a Handover Plan. Their input can streamline the process as they may have a standard way in which they take on responsibility for such an activity.

A clear target will have been set when the Handover Plan was completed prior to go live. This will list the state that needs to be achieved before Production Support take responsibility for the application. It may be a staggered process in that Production Support may take responsibility for infrastructure earlier than the take responsibility for the application. In fact they may take responsibility for supporting the infrastructure from go live.
Schedule Gantt Chart A draft Microsoft Project plan for the phase. It lists activities and elapsed timeframes. Times are very approximate and may be significantly shorter or longer.
Readiness Assessments How to set up a readiness assessment and some examples.

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