Phase Zero


Prepare Interview Agenda

Ensure you have a list of questions to ask during the interview that will provide the necessary information.
  • Concept Paper
  • Phase Zero Interview Questions (see templates below)
    1. Review the Concept Paper
    2. Review all material gathered to this point
    3. Review the Interview Questions
    4. Prepare an agenda
    5. Prepare a checklist of potential questions to ask
  • Interview agenda

The agenda should be somewhere between 8 and 12 points. Be general rather than too specific. For example an item regarding the availability of business resources would be better stated as "Resource Availability" than "What resources can you commit". The former allows you to venture into areas such as who may be seconded from other areas.

It may become necessary to change the agenda after one or two meetings. For example, IT hardware may be a particular issue that needs to be covered. Rather than send the agenda in advance, take it with you to the meeting and go through it at the start of the meeting. This gives you the flexibility to make last minute changes. You might even have different agendas for different people.

The questions in the attached template are by no means the only questions. Pick questions that are relevant to your situation and add questions that are specific to the concept. Have your own agenda with questions for each topic. Also remember to add to the Phase Zero Interview Questions document if you have any questions you think might be useful for future teams.

Interview Agenda A template to use for the interview
Phase Zero Interview Questions A checklist of generic topics that may need to be covered in an interview

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