Phase Zero


Resolve Conflicts and Inconsistencies


To ensure there is a consistent understanding and acceptance of the reason for turning the concept into a project. Gain agreement from all concerned that the potential work involved to deliver an agreed outcome is either worth, or not worth undertaking.

If it is evident that there is no support for the concept, then move straight to writing a report recommending the project not be initiated.

  • Concept Paper
  • Interview Notes
    1. Review the notes from the interviews
    2. Identify differences between people regarding the scope, likely work involved, benefit, cost or any other key parts of the proposed project
    3. Arrange discussions with people who may have divergent views to resolve their differences
    4. If views remain unresolved, ensure they are included in the Phase Zero Report
  • Document showing
    • Resolved differences
    • List of unresolved differences

It is quite normal after the interviews to have people express different viewpoints.

  • One person may think a certain key function is included in the project and another believe it is not
  • One person may expect the project will take 6 months and another 12 months
  • A person may say they are a key player, but not be able to allocate time to the project
  • There may be various people nominated as the potential Sponsor of the project

These are just a few of many potential differences.

If possible, you should get people face to face to discuss the different way in which they see the project. If it cannot be resolved in a meeting, list it as an issue to be resolved in the final report. Sometimes you can sort out differences by a phone call. If "A" expects the project will take 6 months and "B" 12 months, set up a short teleconference between you, "A", "B" and perhaps the CIO to discuss the likely work involved. A 15 minute call may rectify expectations.

Inconsistencies and Conflicts Listing of all problems identified and the status.

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