Solution Evaluation


Produce Solution Evaluation Report

Document the work undertaken during Solution Evaluation and propose a path forward
  • Demonstrations
  • Demonstration Evaluations
  • Solution Impact Assessments
  • Financial and business partner information
    1. Ensure all the documents above are up to date.
    2. Create report and indicate path forward.
  • Solution Evaluation Report

The report is a collection of the information gathered during the phase. You should now be down to three or less candidates and looking to move to the next stage of the evaluation.

This document is a collection of information gathered during the phase and forms the basis for management to consider if you should proceed to the next stage. Solution Decision will include a functional evaluation and technical assessment. The work involved will be significant and it should be understood that the more Vendors being assessed, the more work involved.

Solution Evaluation Report A template to record the results of the phase

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