Configuration and Customisation


Update Implementation Activities List

Identify what needs to be done during implementation
  • Implementation Activity List
  • User Acceptance Testing
    1. Set up a workshop to discuss.
    2. Hold the workshop.
    3. Update the list.
  • Updated Implementation Activity List (or an Implementation WBS)

In order to understand the likely effort in implementing the solution, we need to take the earlier created list of implementation activities and update it in light of the solution selected. The previous list was created during the Solution Decision phase and we have now learned a lot more about the application during Configuration and Customisation.

Whilst the purpose of developing the initial list was to understand the cost of implementation for the business case, the focus now is on the work involved. Guidance should be sought from the Sponsor as to whether the costs are now to be calculated and the degree of effort that goes into this part of the exercise.

An alternate for the documentation is to use a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach. Start with an area e.g. Training, and break it down into sub tasks e.g. Carry out Training Needs Analysis, Book Facilities, Prepare Training Materials. A template is included below. You will need to translate the initial Implementation Activity List into the new format, but it is a good format to use with a projector in a meeting. It can be updated as new topics are raised. It also focuses people on a particular area and makes them think it through in a logical sequence. In terms of creating a schedule, it provides an excellent starting point.

The most effective way to do the update is to run a workshop (no more than a few hours) to update the list. Bringing together all the players who have different perspectives on the implementation will give the best result.

The focus is not on how you do it, but what you need to do. The how can be determined when you put together an implementation plan. If however the "how"will have a significant impact on what is done, it should be discussed. For example, if it is unclear whether training will be provided internally or externally, it should be discussed. If it is internal there are a completely different set of activities to if it is external. Internal training may require setting up training rooms, training trainers, creating user manuals etc. External training may require writing an RFT, obtaining tenders, signing contracts, etc.

Implementation Activity List List of activities to be undertaken for implementation.
Implementation WBS Spreadsheet with macros to record activities directly into a WBS
Implementation Checklist A checklist of activities. Whilst it is not an absolutely complete list, it covers most normal activities.

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