Configuration and Customisation


Sign off Configuration and Customisation

To ensure the Business agrees that the application has been modified to meet their needs.
  • Results of UAT
  • Implementation Checklist
    1. Identify who is responsible for agreeing to implement that the application is suitable.
    2. Gain their agreement or carry out actions to reach agreement. Alternatively suspend work on the project.
  • Agreement that the solution fulfills the business needs.

The first step is to determine who provides signoff, and what information they require to sign off the implementation. In most cases this will be handled by the key Business Managers and/or the Sponsor. The following are likely documents required:

  • The results of UAT
  • The Defect Log
  • The Implementation List and perhaps a high level Implementation Plan
  • A revised Business Case which reviews the Costs and Benefits. These may have changed since the original case was approved.
User Acceptance of the Solution A document used to seek agreement that the application is fit for the Business purpose.
Getting Buy-in from the Business A White Paper that discusses how you get the business to take ownership of a project.
Managing the Project Sponsor White Paper on how to go about getting the support of the Sponsor.

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