Business Process


Produce Post Business Process Training

To prepare the training material to be rolled just before implementation.
  • Gap analysis
  • Business Process Modeling Worksheet
  • Business Process Rollout Plan
    1. Identify how this training will integrate with training around how to use the system.
    2. Develop training modules.
  • Training presentations and materials

When the system is to go live, the users will receive training on two interconnected subjects:

    1. The processes they must follow to complete their work
    2. The way in which they will use the system

Given a format was developed for the pre training, the same format can be used for this activity to prepare the material for the final training. Interwoven will be how to use the application, but gaps can be left to fit this in. It is always useful to structure the training as a journey. We start here and undertake a number of tasks until we get to this point where we need to interact with the application. This is how the screen should be used. Once the screen input is complete, we continue the journey until we interact with the system again. Those interactions will be completed as part of the user training undertaken prior to conversion.


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