Business Process


Implement Pre Business Process Changes

Put the pre business process changes into production
  • New Business Process Maps
  • Pre business process changes
    1. Implement the process.
    2. Support the users.
    3. Change the process if required.
  • Implemented new process

Once the process is changed, there should be support available to ensure the users are using the agreed process. If problems occur, they should be analysed and if necessary changes implemented. Any change will result in a change to the business process map, and an update to the training.

Where multiple sites are involved, there is the risk of different interpretation of the process in different sites. Sometimes, if there are a number of users and sites involved, it is useful to do it site by site. After the first site is complete, have someone from that site go to the second site and help them implement.

  • Firstly the credibility of someone who has "been there done that" will assist the implementation.
  • Secondly it will lessen the chance of individual interpretation of the process.

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