Business Process


Split into Pre and Post Implementation Changes

Identify what changes can be implemented now, and what will be implemented after conversion
  • Gap analysis
  • Business Process Modeling Worksheet
  • New Business Processes
    1. Review the process changes.
    2. Split into pre and post changes.
  • Updated Business Process Modeling Worksheet

When the gap analysis was completed there would have been some process changes identified that were able to be implemented immediately, and some that were obviously going to happen only when the new system was put in place. In the middle would be a gray area where it was not clear until the process was mapped when the change could be implemented.

This activity will be to look at the whole list again and decide which bucket the processes can be put into.

  • New business processes can be implemented immediately
  • New business processes can be implemented after other existing ones are changed
  • New business processes can be implemented as soon as we print/produce/amend some existing components used in the process
  • New business processes cannot be implemented until the system is in place

Of course with all of these changes, training will need to take place. That can range from a one-on-one training to a formal training course.

Business Process Rollout Plan Plan to implement Business Process changes

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