Carry out Implementation Plan

To complete the activities in the Implementation Plan
Implementation Plan
    1. Assign the work.
    2. Carry out the work.
    3. Ensure work is completed on time and to the required standard.
  • Implementation Plan activities completed
  • List of work to be completed after implementation

The work identified in the Imp lamentation Plan will vary considerably from project to project. We have not tried to cover the work involved as it would take a book to cover activities that might be applicable in some circumstances. The work should however be clearly stated in the plan.

From when the plan is first prepared, work can commence. A schedule should be drawn up to monitor and control all the activities. The usual problems relate to people required to be in too many places at once. For example key people may be involved in training and testing, and also required to carry out some other tasks. For this reason, the Implementation Plan will need to look at the availability of people who may be involved in other activities.

Another useful technique is to maintain a list of work to be carried out after implementation. For example someone may be undertaking some work and find one or two aspects cannot be completed until after go live. There is a danger that the work will be forgotten unless a list is maintained of these items.

Roll Back Plan A plan for rolling back the system in the case of a failure during Go Live

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