Configuration and Customisation


Produce Configuration and Customisation Report

Document the changes that were undertaken during these activities.
  • Work carried out during the phase
    1. This document should be a work in progress during the phase. As changes are made they should be documented in this report.
    2. Finalise the report
  • Configuration and Customisation Report

Systems sometimes become difficult to maintain due to the fact that the Project Team who configured and customised the application disperse. There is no record of what has been done, or why it was done in that manner. By documenting it into a report, the ongoing support for the application is considerably improved. There is a reference to see why decisions were made and how they were incorporated into the final product.

This report can be completed as the project proceeds through the phase. Sections can be allocated to particular parts of the team (e.g. those involved in configuration) and they can write as they go. At the end, it should be largely complete.

The report is used as part of the handover package to those responsible for ongoing maintenance. If the work undertaken was extensive, it may be appropriate to create a folder structure to store documentation. This can be hyperlinked to the report.

Configuration and Customisation Report A template to record information regarding how the document was set up. It is used to improve maintainability of the product after release.

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