Update Handover Documents

Update the previously prepared Handover Plan
  • Draft Handover Plan
    1. Review the plan.
    2. Update where necessary.
  • Updated Handover Plan

Carry out a review of the previously prepared plan and make any changes necessary based on circumstances that may be different from when it was first prepared. In some cases more information will be available so things like the actual issues outstanding, and system access information can be completed.

The plan should be updated in collaboration with Production Support. It is a joint plan, not a Project Team plan. It is likely that a number of activities will be required to prepare for handover. These may range from small such as gathering lists of current users, to significant such as physically relocating hardware.

Ensure there is sufficient time to complete these activities before handover. Leaving them pending at handover is usually the genesis of a problem. If it cannot be completed, add it as an item to the outstanding work and re-assign it to the relevant person.


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